Moved again

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I think the reason some people buy houses is because they're just sick to death of moving. I know I'm very soon going to become one of these people... well, maybe in a year or so.

I've only hired movers for two moves: going from NH to CA and going from CA to MA. In both cases, the cost of shipping the stuff was so large that adding in a bunch of big hefty guys packing everything up and moving it down a million flights of stairs into a truck parked miles away was barely .001% of the cost.

For every other move (and I've moved a lot over the last 10 or so years), I've moved myself with the help of friends and family. Every time, I've used muscles I didn't know I had and gotten bruises the size of small third world nations in places I didn't think could bruise. Crazy stuff!

This time I vow not to get any new stuff and to give away half of the stuff I have! I swear I'm going to do it this time!

A story about my tire

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After work, I went to my car with the full expectation that I was going to hop into it and drive home. Alas, such was not the case! There was this bulge in the sidewall of my front driver-side tire. The bulge was the size of Kansas, so I thought it prudent not to drive on it. I look in my trunk and notice my spare is flat (again). It has this really really slow leak that totally stumps the people I've brought it to twice to get it fixed. Anyhow, so I bring it all across the street where we have a most convenient gas station with an air hose. But the air hose is broken. I toss things around and decide it'll be ok to drive a mile and a half down the road to the next gas station. They have an air hose and it works. So I pull out all the gear, jack up the car, pull all the bolts off, and when I try to pull the wheel off, it doesn't budge.

At this point, I realize that everything is against me. My scrawny 150-lb ass doesn't have things like weight, leverage, or raw muscle so there's no way I'm going to get this wheel off the car. I called AAA and they came down and this beer guzzling mass of man shifts his mass out of the way and pops my wheel off as if he was popping off the head of a dandelion. Then we filled my slow-leak spare and he informed me that a tire that looked like mine did (it had a bulge on one side the size of Kansas and the other side had more cracks than a plumber convention) was definitely not fit to drive on. Furthermore, he added I should get it replaced for free because tires shouldn't degrade like that with such little usage. Then he muscled his mass into his truck and drove off.

I know a lot about some stuff, but nothing about tires. I think I could go to the dealership (I bought the car in CA and I'm in MA now) nearby and argue with them, but I really hate doing that mostly because I just hate interacting with the people at the dealership. I think I'll just have to buy a new tire. Blech.

And that's the end of the story where I found myself in a situation which I had no hope of solving and I called AAA and they came to rescue me.

Some more minor adjustments

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A couple of friends pointed out to me my META tag to refresh from /~willkg/ to /~willg/blog/ was borked and while it worked fine in Mozilla and derivatives (which are the only browsers I use), it didn't work at all in Internet Explorer. All fixed now though.

For future reference, the "good code" is like this:

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">

Minor adjustments to my blog

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First off, it's now "". I followed Rael's directions and implemented the mod_rewrite adjustments. That worked super. Then it created some mild issues that I'm sorting out now. Namely, I have all kinds of content in different formats: html, shtml, php, and now pyblosxom entries. So I'm going to do a massive normalization of all the content and get rid of the stuff I don't update ever. Getting there.

Anyhow, so my point is that my entire site is now in a state of flux as it gets re-absorbed into more of a blog with a slight amount of static content.

Most interesting way I ever got digits

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So this woman knocks on my door and tells me she's my neighbor. Turns out she's lost her cell phone and it's her only phone so she didn't have another phone to call her cell phone with so that it could announce its presence with an 8-bit symphonically annoying ring that makes students of classical music cringe in ulcer-oriented nausea.

She hands me a pink piece of paper with her number on it and tells me, very contrary to the typical 3 or 4 day waiting period between when you get digits and are supposed to dial them, to call her in 2 minutes. This is definitely the fastest women I've ever met.

She bounces off of my stoop and runs back to her house eager for my telephone call. I decided to check my mail. Interesting... a bill from Verizon. Seems all they send me is bills and brochures about new plans which would never in a thousand years match my calling habits or meet my needs. Silly phone company. If I ever start a phone company, I'm going to send people other things too. Like maybe a nice little notice, "Hi! We just wanted to say we were thinking of you! Hope you're having a wonderful day! From your friends at [insert Will's phone company's name here]"

After thinking about things for a bit, I called this poor damsel in distress. Her cell phone must have been pretty accessible... perhaps it was hidden by a plant of some kind. Maybe a cactus. Anyhow, it must have been pretty accessible since she found it on the second ring. She answered, "Thank you so very much! You helped me out so much!"

And that's the story of the most interesting way I've ever gotten digits. Actually, it's the only time I've ever gotten digits from someone I didn't know. Thus it's both the most and least interesting way I've ever gotten digits.


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There's this cat outside my window talking with this other cat somewhere else. That's all fine. The disconcerting part is that it sounds like a crying baby. It's such an eerie sound that I'm wondering if I'm not smack-dab in the middle of a Stephen King novel. Incidentally, that would explain many things.

Blogs about blogs--self-referential stuff

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Thought this was pretty interesting. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter as well except that I'd add that I think most people I know talk about thinking about doing things far far far more often than actually doing them. I sometimes wonder if the sheer amount of energy it takes for people to motivate themselves into just doing things and moving on is far far less or just far less than just doing things and moving on.

I've always been a believer in doing things when it's right to do them. I have a bunch of projects that are in various stages of limbo and research mostly because I'm stuck on one or more points in regards to them. Sometimes it's a resource issue (like time, money, or space) but usually it's an issue of components of the project that I haven't figured out yet. Anyhow, the end result is that I find I talk about the a lot with other people--but this has helped immensely because other people have different ideas and it's often that sort of exchange gets me over the next speedbump.

Regardless, I think talking about things ad infinitum is a bad habit to get into. Things just are. Talking about them invokes serious Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (princiPAL is your friend) issues.

Something fishy is going on....

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So I used to be an E2 noder way back and then didn't really have anything to node anymore so I stopped. One of the things I noded was Tom Lehrer. I did that way back in 2000--almost 3 years ago. My friend sends me an im today with this. Funnily enough, it's identical to what I wrote--the dude stole the links and everything!

Totally wild. Someone stole stuff I wrote and then built a web-site out of it.