Plugin that injects entries into the list

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This plugin registers with the prepareChain and injects an entry to the beginning of the entry_list that holds personal information from $datadir/personalinfo.dat which is a pickled dict. I have mine updated via cron at the moment.

I don't really have a wild need to have this information, but it occurred to me that our system allows for this without any problems. I mentioned this to the pyblosxom-devel list and Ted replied that we need more examples. I thought about it during lunch and then whipped together this example (it took 10 minutes again--I'm into these 10 minute plugins at the moment).

3/19/2003 - Moved code to /~willkg/dev/pyblosxom/ .

1/27/2004 - Removed because it's a sucky plugin and there are better ones.

Another quick PyBlosxom plugin

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This one counts the number of views for a given entry. It only counts the entry if the renderer asks for the $viewcount value. At that point, the viewcount module will figure out how many views this entry has had (using the id on the entry), add one to it, save the new value, and then return the new value to be displayed.

3/19/2003 - Moved code to here.
4/8/2003 - Updated code to new architecture.

Another PyBlosxom plugin example

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This plugin registers with the prepareChain and for each entry it adds a \$wc metadata variable. The wordcount is sort of an expensive process since it requires the data of the entry to be populated and we only populate that on-demand. Thus we need to populate the \$wc variable on-demand as well.


The effects of this is that I can add a \$wc variable to my story.html template file and you see a wc: thing on all of my entries.

This plugin and the entry that describes this plugin were written, tested, and documented in 15 minutes.

3/19/2003 - Moved code to here.
4/8/2003 - Updated plugin to new architecture.

Cool article on email usage/abusage

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Here is the article. It's well worth reading especially if you find your emaill communications with certain people to be difficult sometimes. My (new) basic rule for email is "unless it has to be sent, don't send it."

Entries entries entries

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I just finished the last bit of the overhaul that Blake started which involved separating retrieval of content from content rendering. It's super cool because now content can come from anywhere--it's no longer tied to a single datasource (sql, file system, ...).

I also just promised to name my first born child the be-yoo-tiful name of "xmlrpc_username". I think the way it rolls off the tongue ... it ... it just brings a tear to my eye--it's so beautiful.

I also wrote a plugin that looks at the url to see if it's "/plugin_info" and if it is, then it will build a series of entries based on the installed plugins:


You can see it's output here. How do you like them apples?

3/11/2003 - Fixed the code

3/19/2003 - Moved code to here


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I'm going to be doing some pretty dicey pyblosxom changes over the next day. This web-site is liable to go up and down faster than a pogo stick!

You might be greeted with bugs! Stack traces smeared in pink and colors repugnant to the human eye! Strange hexidecimal incantations that look more like inscriptions to a mystical Egyptian pyramid of Ra than meaningful web-site error data! Be wary! BE VERY WARY!

Don't fret--it'll all be over in a few days. And definitely don't email me because I already know.

2001 taxes

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I submitted them yesterday. Yes, I'm a year behind--but I'm catching up!

Lyntin 3.2 released!

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I've been kind of dragging my feet about releasing Lyntin 3.2 because I haven't been getting any feedback from the community. So either no one is using it, or no one replies on the mailing list. Oh well--what can a developer do?

This release has some really great features. I added a scheduling system and re-wrote the ticker to use it. I wrote a #schedule command which allows you to schedule events to kick off using one of several time specifications. It's also got a new #grep command which goes through the databuffer and allows for printing of match context. There are some bug fixes and some refactoring and stream-lining. For the most part, it's a clean-up release.

And now I'm going to kick my feet up and work on all the other things that I've been neglecting.