status of Miro 1.1 builds for Ubuntu Dapper and Feisty

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I haven't put Dapper and Feisty builds for Miro 1.1 into the repository yet. The Gutsy builds are there, but there are some issues with segfaulting when watching videos with them. I've only heard about Gutsy segfaulting with Miro 1.1 from one person and there aren't any new bugs for the issue. From that I'm guessing the issue is pretty limited user-wise, but don't really have a good way to measure.

The last few days went like this. We did a Miro 1.1 release on Thursday and I started building Ubuntu builds for Dapper, Feisty and Gutsy that afternoon using the new pbuilder-based scripts I've been working on. The pbuilder-based scripts are great in that I can automate building packages for Dapper, Feisty and Gutsy for i686 on a single machine (no longer need VMs) and they verify the build-depends lines in the .dsc files. That'll make building from source possible.

The problem with Miro 1.1 is that the switch from BitTorrent code to libtorrent code causes compiling to take longer. Additionally, the pbuilder-based scripts pull down all the dependencies and build the environment to do the build in for each distribution and that takes a while, too.

When working on builds, I had problems with the Dapper and Feisty builds segfaulting when playing videos during testing. I first blamed the new build scripts. I spent 8 hours or so fiddling with them, verifying all the build steps, and eventually running them in the distribution VMs I had. On Saturday, I decided that theory wasn't a good one.

I tried a few other things and then started bisecting the svn changes since Miro 1.0 in my Feisty VM to see if I could find the checkin that caused the problem. After a few more hours, I discovered that it was a change to xine_impl.c that I made for bug 9373 that causes the segfaults when viewing videos. Another hour later and I verified this is the same problem with the Dapper build.

I backed out that change and re-ran and re-tested everything.

In summary, the pbuilder-based scripts are fine and backing out that xine_impl.c fix fixes the issues I was seeing.

We're working on a Miro 1.1.1 release that has some changes that allow for co-branding. We decided to push these changes off to 1.1.1 so that we could release Miro 1.1 a week earlier. I decided that I'd skip builds for Feisty and Dapper for Miro 1.1 and instead do builds when we released Miro 1.1.1 this week. That should happen in the next day or so.

I really apologize for the current situation. It was a confluence of several circumstances that led to me taking a long time to figuring out the cause of the problem which sucked.

I should have 1.1.1 builds of Gutsy, Feisty and Dapper out by Friday night if not sooner.

status: week ending 1/15/2008

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It was a really busy week--I essentially worked for the last 7 days straight. It's been a good/bad week for me. I:

  • pushed out the Miro 1.1 release on Thursday which had some minor release-engineering issues (I forgot the symlinks for Miro.dmg, the appserial number is 20080101000 but should have been 20080110000, and Feisty and Dapper won't build)
  • I updated the instructions for releases in the wikis which improves the release process going forward
  • I spent Thursday night, Friday and most of Saturday investigating the segfaults with the Dapper and Feisty packages and traced it down to the fix for bug 9373
  • I backed out the fix for bug 9373--I'll release Feisty and Dapper packages when we "release" Miro 1.1.1
  • I worked on the Firefox patch work for bug 400061
  • I made some more changes to the patch for bug 303645, it was reviewed, and it looks like it's on its way to Firefox 3 (assuming all goes well)

I'm going to spend the next week:

  • aiding Paul with the Miro 1.1.1 release
  • continuing the work on bug 400061 and friends

The release hat-trick!

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I mothered the Miro 1.1 release earlier today. Then I decided to push out PyBlosxom 1.4.3 which I have been sitting on for a month. Then after talking with "paulproteus", I decided to go for the hat-trick and released Lyntin 4.2 as well.

w00t for releasing three software thingies in one day! Boo for sitting on two of them for extended periods of time.

bugzilla stats: 2007

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Other projects are publishing their Bugzilla stats, so I took 30 minutes and threw together a script to run some numbers against our Bugzilla instance.

Two things to keep in mind when looking at these numbers:

  1. We migrated our bugs from Trac to Bugzilla in mid-August. Trac wasn't working out for us and we've got a lot of crufty bug data still hanging around since then.
  2. The numbers are slices of data. They can indicate things, but there's a lot of context that they don't take into account. So it's good to be careful about drawing conclusions based solely on the numbers reported.
Stats for the year: 2007


Total bugs created: 4052
      41 - Miro Mediabar
       3 -
      35 - Broadcast Machine
    3809 - Miro
     164 - Miroguide

Bug activity:
     736 - FIXED
     170 - INVALID
      35 - WONTFIX
     139 - DUPLICATE
     169 - WORKSFORME
       0 - MOVED
       0 - NEEDSINFO

    4052 - CREATED
   13564 - COMMENTS


Users created: 645

Top 7 bug reporters:
    3172 - Janet
     138 - Dean Jansen
     102 - Nicholas Reville
      52 - Nick Nassar
      47 - sg
      35 - Fluteman
      28 - Ben Dean-Kawamura

Top 7 bug commenters:
   10354 - Janet
     331 - Nick Nassar
     315 - Will Guaraldi
     312 - Ben Dean-Kawamura
     286 - Luc Heinrich
     259 - Dean Jansen
     217 - Paul Swartz

There are a few things I want to point out.

First, is that we've got 645 new Bugzilla users since mid-August. That's really great!

Second, is that Janet is not a machine that generates 10 bugs and 30 comments every day. What's going on is that I tied her Bugzilla userid to all the bugs I migrated from Trac for which I had no userid to tie to.

Third, sg and Fluteman are really fantastic. The work they're doing is making a huge difference in the direction and quality of Miro. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who's helped out in 2007. I hope the numbers for 2008 are doubly-impressive. :)

status: week ending 1/8/2008

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I spent the last week:

  • fixing some bugs (9373, 8138, 9383, 9372, 9414)
  • doing some bug triage
  • reworking the Ubuntu packaging scripts to use pbuilder (much easier to build packages and pbuilder verifies the build-depends)
  • added a NEEDSINFO resolution to Bugzilla
  • tweaked some stuff so we can tag with names like Miro-x.y instead of Democracy-Player-x.y
  • mothered through Miro 1.1 rc0 and rc1
I'll be spending this week:
  • finishing up the Miro 1.1 release
  • finishing up the Miro 1.1.1 release (with turbo co-branding ass-kicking action)
  • working on Mediabar
  • fixing some more bugs


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Sedatg pointed out the archos-sync project. It's a script that syncs the content between his Archos media player and Miro. More information at that link.

If anyone was interested in helping out on a syncing project to sync Miro content with devices, that's probably a good one to help out with.

Anyone else know of similar projects that are building software to sync Miro content, convert content or port Miro to smaller devices? If so, please add a comment. The more exposure to these projects, the better.

status: week ending 1/1/2008

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I wasn't around for the last week. I got home last night and spent today recovering from some flu I've been fighting for the last week and also continuing work with building a pbuilder environment for Gutsy and friends.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the pbuilder stuff and working on the Firefox patches, but ... I don't think I have much of a chance of finishing them in time, so I think I may put it on the backburner and help out with Miro 1.1 and continuing development. Then work on the Firefox patches for 3.1.

Happy New Year!

Status: 12/23/2007 and year in review

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It was a pretty wild year for me. I had a massive health crisis at the beginning of the year, wrote an almost-working compiler for a functional language using SML targetting SPIM, finished up grad school, got married, landed a job at Participatory Culture Foundation, made a lot of new friends, mentored a GSoC project, helped out with GHOP, started the big push for PyBlosxom 2.0, released a new version of Bee Careful, Marvin under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license and submitted my first patch for Firefox 3.0.

I started the Nomadic Telecommuting Herd which has regular meetings, but hasn't extended beyond Chris and I, yet. I'll push this more at some point in the spring when it's more fun to go outside.

I also joined a few projects that I haven't been able to get to yet like the Python docs project and Geyser. I'm interested in helping out both of them, but haven't found the time yet.

This year I want to tame the firehose, get some good work done, participate more in other projects, possibly learn C++ and reach out to other people in the area (Somerville, MA, USA) to get together and hack more. I'd also like to get a new laptop, but the longer I wait, the better the possibilities become.