In the future, there are no clothes allowed on airplanes

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If this "ban things that could potentially be something nasty on board an airplane" thing goes on long enough, Playboy is going to have to buy all the airlines because we're all going to have to fly nude. I'm seriously looking forward to that day. When it happens, I'm going to fly around the world. I don't much like flying and I don't much like travelling, but nude--hell yeah! w00t!


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I saw on boingboing a link to XKCD and I started skimming it at work (naughty naughty Will!) mostly because I'm feeling uninspired to go through the specification one more time and make sure I dotted all the is and crossed all the ts that are vaguely hinted at and would be obvious to someone who had looked at this code before but I'm not in that situation so I'm doing a lot of double and triple-checking.

Long story short: XKCD: Valentine - Karnaugh is very very funny. The subject matter isn't funny; the words aren't funny; the use of a Karnaugh map is fantastically funny.

The Muppet Movie tonight at the Seven Hills Park!

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The City of Somerville is showing The Muppet Movie at the Seven Hills Park which is next to the T-stop in Davis Square (in Massachusetts in the US on planet earth for you extra-terrestials seeking a fresh supply of brains to eat and mulling over conquering our silly little planet).

S and I (and a few other people we dragged along) saw some of the movies last year. We saw Goonies last year and it's a funky experience seeing Goonies on a big screen outside after dark with dark sinister clouds drifting overhead threatening sinister rain. Big screen, big sound, little kids running around pointing out anything that's point-out-able.

Cleaning up PyBlosxom

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I've been following Cheesecake development with the hope that it'd be a tool that would help me fix PyBlosxom's shortcomings, make it easier for people to use, and make it easier for people to develop. It has certainly been all that and more.

I've been going through the various kwalitee measures that Cheesecake does to understand them and I've been making adjustments to PyBlosxom's source code and project infrastructure. I've made a lot of changes so far, discovered some latent bugs and code problems, documented undocumented code, fixed existing documentation, and started writing tests.

It's a huge effort, but it's a lot easier with tools like Cheesecake, nose, pylint, and coverage. Additionally, the blog entries at AgileTesting and articles at Living in an Ivory Basement have been helpful. Also, I've been shamelessly copying the infrastructure of the Cheesecake project. That's made it a lot easier to get my head around various bits.

At the moment, everything is local. I'd start checking things in but SVN at SF is really flakey (though the SF site status page doesn't mention any SVN issues).

I see the next version of PyBlosxom having some bug fixes and new features, but generally it's going to be a release focusing on cleaning up the codebase and the infrastructure.

Out of curiosity, while I'm in the process of cleaning up the codebase is it interesting to anyone for me to write up more detailed blog entries covering up how and what I'm doing? It might help by giving outlining a gameplan for cleaning up other Python-based projects. If that's something you're interested in, toss a comment on the blog or email me at willkg at bluesock dot org.

SPF and Exim in Debian

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Turns out the Debian packager doesn't enable SPF in the exim4-daemon-heavy package. But it took me a couple of hours to figure that out. I ended up implementing SPF using the libmail-spf-query-perl package by adding the following rule to my rcpt acl just before greylist stuff:

    message     = [SPF] $sender_host_address is not allowed to send mail \
                  from $sender_address_domain.
    log_message = SPF check failed.
    set acl_m9  = -ipv4=$sender_host_address \
                  -sender=$sender_address \
    set acl_m9  = ${run{/usr/bin/spfquery $acl_m9}}
    condition   = ${if eq {$runrc}{0}{true}{false}}

The exit codes for spfquery are in the spfquery file (it's a Perl script) and the code for "pass" is 0. So (in theory) this will accept any email that passes the SPF check. Any email that fails the SPF check will go through greylistd. I think that does what I want it to do.

Incidentally, I found the above code (though I inverted the check) here at The Linux Documentation Project.


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I didn't follow Rocketboom daily, but I did watch it frequently. I watched it today with Joanne. I liked Amanda better. First thing that crossed my mind is that they picked up another pretty face to replace Amanda. Why does it have to be a pretty face? Is Rocketboom just another "pretty face vocalizing quip-ridden news"?

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet 2006

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I upgraded my Nokia 770 to Internet Tablet OS 2006 and it's fantastic. It's faster, more responsive, and more stable. Additionally, there's an application manager that downloads from a repository just like Debian which is _hugely_ awesome. The browser is faster, too.

My only issue so far is that I haven't quite got the knack of launching the thumbboard. At some point, I'll look into that.

Well-written review of the 2006 release here.

Old Songs Festival

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Two weekends ago (June 23rd, 24th and 25th), S and I and S's parents went up to Schenectady, NY to the Old Songs Festival. It was fantastic! Contra dancing, Shetland fiddling, flat-picking, blues, bluegrass, Celtic harp, ... I had a great time and the experience was educational, inspirational, and in various ways eye-opening.

Last year at Old Songs, S's parents won a guitar. I've been playing it on and off for a year or so now and it's got a great sound to it. It's very different from my Guild American--I think the best way to describe it is that it's less muddy and it's brighter. Though part of that could be due to a need to change the strings on my Guild American.

I attended a few workshops of Beppe Gambetta, a flatpicker from Genoa, Italy. He taught one workshop on stretching and gymnastics for better flatpicking, most of it focusing on making the left hand more agile. Great stuff.

Jay Mankita had a song called "They Lied" which I've been humming since I heard it--it's catchy.

Great experience. I'm looking forward to next year, though S said that the festival coincides with GA, so I think we'll wait a couple years before going again.

On a side note, I brought my Nokia 770 with several ebooks and Mahjong on it. It was super useful.