The Two Towers

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It's an excellent movie. While I'm at it, the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring is totally amazing. They added footage that really fills it out and gives it additional dimension. It also makes it impossible to sit through in one sitting--take a bathroom break between discs.

It's done...

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I just finished released Lyntin 3.0 (there's another blog entry on that specifically) and I'm all excited now! This is the first time that I've guided a non-trivial project from start to finish where I had a hand in everything--documentation, site development, architecture, feature design, bug fixing, testing, development, working with other developers, answering user issues, ... 15,000 lines of code.

Anyhow, on to other projects for a while as people pick up Lyntin and the community grows a bit. I've set out to do everything I wanted to get done. I still have some things in my roadmap to work on, but they can wait.

On to Stringbean and the dozen or so other projects that are waiting in the eves!

Lyntin 3.0 (final) released

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I finally released Lyntin 3.0 (final). Now I'm going to have a glass of wine, kick my feet up, and read GoTo while listening to Jacqui Naylor. I started working on Lyntin 3.0 in September of 2001--it's been 14 months of development. It was worth it.

In Stringbean land everything is a big mess....

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It's true. I started to add Callout functionality, but also started splitting the driver into a driver and a mudlib, renaming to driver.engine, adding a module with a World object in it (and moving functionality from the old world to the new world), and a series of other things. All of this will take some time to sort through. I'm also looking into adding a series of hooks to the driver to tie the mudlib into the driver. The good news being that Strinbean will be pretty nice once all this is done.

Lyntin status for today

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I went through and overhauled the FAQ and then updated all the existing Lyntin documentation. I also moved some information around between things.

There are some things I want to clean up, but I think I'll be doing a 3.0 release in December--probably this weekend or next weekend. After that, it'll be a series of minor point releases whenever we accumulate enough stuff to make a new minor point release. We'll do major point releases whenever we make enough architectural changes to warrant such a thing. After 3.0 is released, emphasis will go towards generating some more documentation on building Lyntin modules as well as fixing the existing modules that I've created and haven't really updated in a while.

All in good time. All in all, though, things are looking extremely good. Today I implemented a quick module to tell me if I have new email. I wrote it in the space of 5 minutes and it works wonderfully.

It's days like this...

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when my internet connection is going up and down faster than a Mexican jumping bean when I really really really appreciate the all powerful wget command. All hail wget!

more stringbeans!

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I got my Python Cookbook in the mail and I've been reading through it and as I've been doing that I've been revising bits of Stringbean accordingly.

I also finished up a basic emotes module, adjusted the startup code, added handling for multiple names, added drop-in modules, added a command manager, added commands on objects/rooms, and started a driverapi module for abstracting driver code from its own implementation.

About pencils...

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Dixon Ticonderoga 1388-2 Soft. Anything else is pointless.

Lyntin status

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Wesley's been helping finding multi-session issues. We ended up implementing readline in the textui, echo in the textui, #snoop command for disabling snooping on non-current-sessions, message scoping for LTDATA messages, and fixed a bunch of bugs as well. I also fixed up my repository script on the web-site and coallated all of Sebastian's emails into one big file which I plan to read through and verify I completed everything he's been asking for over the last year.

When all that's done, I'm going to take a break for Lyntin for a while and fix minor bugs and otherwise let the code-base bake.

More Stringbean!

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I redid exits, command handling, descriptions, word wrapping, and a few other things. Then in the tavern I'm working on, I added tables, a hatrack, a guestbook, a grandfather clock, and Neil who sits at his bar and waxes philosophical about the old days.

All in all it's coming along very very nicely. There are a few things I need to change to improve command handling and looking at things. Then to work on more complex issues.