Free time

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The weekend whizzed by....

  • hosted a christmas party--drank lots of eggnog and listened to stories from Mike and Chris D
  • cooked eggs a la H
  • played D&D (my character is no longer possessed by a demon! w00t!)
  • worked on
  • watched the movie Singles
  • christmas cards
  • worked some more on
  • did the first pass at cleaning "my office"
  • booked a trip in February to Florida

Then I came into the office and skimmed Planet Debian while our Internet connection was going up and coming down faster than a 5 year old on a pogo stick and bumped into this. It was a good weekend.

Five things that changed my life this week

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  1. switching to emacs and getting my configuration issues worked out
  2. discovering screen
  3. subscribing to the mudos mailing list where the folks are really awesome
  4. building the new pyblosxom web-site (not open yet)
  5. the amazing amount of activity on the pyblosxom mailing list which has given me a lot of confidence that there are other people who want to help out so I can go work on the things I'm interested in


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screen is trippy. My friend says this is what you need to know about screen:

  1. $ screen
  2. $ (launch something)
  3. ctrl-a ctrl-d
  4. $ (do something else)
  5. $ screen -x

JDEE and Ant

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I've got JDEE 2.3.4 and Apache Ant 1.5. The problem I was having was that I'd get this error message whenever I tried to do C-c C-v C-b (i.e. build my project using ant):

  ant -buildfile 'c:/Tools/src/spiderutil/build.xml' -emacs
  Buildfile: 'c:\Tools\src\spiderutil\build.xml' does not exist!
  Build failed

  Compilation finished at Tue Dec 07 11:22:24

Anyhow, after some poking around, I discovered this post ( which helped me fix my issue. I went into jde-ant.el and removed two instances of "delimiter" and now everything works super duper.

gmane is _intensely_ cool

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I was reading the Debian Weekly News (from 11/30/2004) and one of the blurbs mentioned putting DWN in RSS format and then also mentioned that Gmane already does this for all the mailing lists it tracks.

"Blog" versions of the pyblosxom mailing lists:

And it has RSS. RSS versions of the pyblosxom mailing lists:

That's amazing.... Talk about killer services.

Jumped to Emacs

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I did a third attempt to get Eclipse working and I got it mostly working but it didn't jive with our codebase very well and it takes GOBS and GOBS of memory.

I decided NetBeans took up too much memory as well (200MB at various points depending on what I was doing) and I kept bumping into weird NullPointerExceptions in the IDE itself. If I had more time, I'd spend more time: a) fleshing them out, b) providing bug reports. But the issues were too sporadic and it was taking too much time to come up to speed to the point where I could use it all the time. And the VSS plugin was kind of flakey and made me nervous.

I uninstalled both NetBeans and Eclipse and installed Emacs. I stuck Viper mode at 2 and after reading documentation for a bit, I finally made some connections I didn't make the last time around with Emacs and I've been working with it most of today and part of yesterday without any issues.

Helpful Emacs links:

OpenZaurus 3.5.2 released

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The OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus folks released 3.5.2 today. I flashed with the new image and it's pretty cool, though I don't notice any differences. Mostly I just flashed and pressed a bunch of buttons and then shut it off.

I need to get a case before I really want to bring it around with me. I'm still paranoid that I'm going to break it while using it. I need to get a wireless card or figure out how to sync with the docking station or something similar so I can back up my information.

Thank yous

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A month ago, my girlfriend and I wrote a children's book about a bee who gets stuck. It was pretty wild writing it--I had most of the process down before I met her, but she definitely filled in the pieces I hadn't figured my way through yet. It was really great--we were a great team. Anyhow, so last week we finished moving the book over to PDF format, printed a copy on the color printer downstairs, and gave it to my friend to give to his daughter. Turns out she really liked it--which is really great! And she wrote us a thank you note which was really really neat!

We enjoyed writing the book. We especially enjoy the fact that someone enjoyed it.

Got a new case

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I gave my desktop to my girlfriend's parents because their machine was about to die (like, serious _death_) and my machine was more machine than I needed and I figured I'd borrow some spare components from my dad and after that series of transactions, everyone would be happy. Thus it transpired and everyone was happy! w00t!

Then I discovered I couldn't put the massive full tower case under either of my desks and with the fourteen fans (some of which were parts taken from dismantled B-52 flying fortresses) it sounded like my desk was sitting on the tarmac of an air field during an air show.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to get a smaller quieter case and picked up an Antec Sonata. It's great. Everything I had read about it was right on down to the fact that you can count exactly how many times you touched the top of the case due to the amazing ability of the piano black finish to preserve in a pristine fashion every single detail of every single fingerprint.

Then after wrestling with the IDE ribbon cables, I decided to pick up two rounded IDE cables for $8.00 each.

The machine is super duper! Total monetary cost to me so far is $112. My girlfriend's parents got a machine to replace their very seriously almost dead one. My dad freed up some room in his computer room. Everyone is happy!...

Well, except for my girlfriend who's a little unexcited when I spend long periods of time over several days futzing with hardware.

AMAZON::B000087ZQC::Antec Sonata case AMAZON::B0002344O8::24" Rounded IDE cable