comments plugin

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I'm going to spruce up the comments plugin that comes with PyBlosxom. I'm going to merge the changes I've made locally with the contributed version:

  • Support for "blacklisted words" which, if they're in the comment, will cause the comment to be rejected
  • Fix for the comment plugin so that instead of stomping on the template it now just appends the comment template to the story template. This makes it play nice with other plugins.
  • Change the behavior so that neither the comments nor the comment form show for an entry unless "showcomments=1" shows up in the querystring.
  • Fixes to the logging.

I may incorporate the changes that Jesus did or at least figure out how to make that a plugin kind of thing.

Also, there should be a way to kick back messages to the user who just did stuff with the comment form. Then we can kick back messages when comments are rejected and accepted for better usability.

09-27-2004: Updated "John" to "Jesus"--I totally got his name wrong. Oops.


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I'm playing music in Winamp and the volume is too loud. It's at this point that I realize I'm going to have to find the fifty places that control volume on my machine. They are:

  • Winamp - has a volume slide thingy
  • Windows - has a volume slide thingy for "Wave"
  • Windows - has a volume slide thingy for "Main"
  • my laptop - has a master volume which is adjusted by the Fn and VolUp and VolDn keys
  • my headphones - has a volume thingy between the headphone jack and the headphones

There seem to be a lot of things in computing and life that are like this.

booklist 1.6

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Brett discovered some issues with booklist as it interacts with comments. So this fixes those issues.

You should note that if you're using booklist and comments, you should have at least 2 books in your list. Otherwise comments sees it as a single entry, decides to show comments for it, and then stomps on the property in the entry that dictates which template to use. That's a bug in comments that needs to get fixed.

Get it on my pyblosxom plugins listing

Thunderbird 0.8

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I just upgraded at work to Thunderbird 0.8. After playing with it for a bit (especially the RSS feeds feature), I decided I really like it a lot! Yay for the Mozilla team!

Things I'm interested in pursuing during grad school

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I'm seriously looking into doing grad school starting Fall of 2005 and getting either a Masters or a PhD in Computer Science. As such, I started reading through the sites of schools in the area that offer that sort of thing. The NEU CCS site is pretty interesting. They list faculty and their research interests of which the following piqued my interest:

  • Lieberherr and Lorenz - the Demeter project, Adaptive Programming (and AOP), and dealing with software design issues. This is very much something I'd like to pursue.
  • Clinger - compiler optimization for higher-order languages and nonpredictive generational garbage collection. This is really interesting as well.
  • Tarasewich - bridging information systems, computer science, engineering, and marketing. It's similar (or at least parallel) to what I've been doing for the last few years and it might be interesting to pursue.
  • Wand - programming-language semantics and their application to compiler correctness. This is really fascinating--but I have less a priori knowledge and experience of this than I do for the above faculty and their research interests (though that's a very first-blush analysis).
  • Williams - machine learning, a subspecialty of artificial intelligence. This is also really interesting.

When I was talking with the University of Phoenix folks (I tossed around getting an MBA for a brief period of time and bumped into a UoP booth while fetching lunch), they were pretty adamant about me answering the question of why I want to go back to school. I think that's a little weird. I want to go back to school because I want to flesh out my knoweldge and experience in various areas and I think the most effective way to do that especially in regards to Programming Language design and theory is to go back to school. Sure, I can putz around on python-dev and read the articles listed on LtU as I've been doing the last couple of years, but I'd get a lot more out of getting a Masters or PhD. And I think now is a good time in my life to do it.

Apparently my photos are popular

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Yeah. Not only are they popular, but they seem to really resound with the LiveJournal-under-18-years-old crowd. This group (there are several and a few at a couple of other sites) sources the image from my site and use it as the background of their weblogs. I'm going to refrain from issuing my opinion of the content of said weblogs... I will note that they should use the text of those weblogs as a big indicator that there are a lot of kids out there who should be flunking English classes.

Anyhow, I'm kind of flattered that they like it so much. I just wish they weren't causing my bandwidth to go through the roof. It'd be nice if they cited me as the original photographer... but in this wily world, not many seem to really care about that sort of thing.

Sad to say that I'm going to disappoint them all as I rename the file causing lots of 404 mayhem.

Update: I tossed it around and thought it'd be really funny to just switch the image to one that says "j00 sux0r! ha ha!" Those sites look really really funny now. :)

Call for coders and alpha-testers on DarkRifts

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In my copious free time, I do some work on a mud named DarkRifts. The mud itself runs on MudOS on top of a mudlib based on a mudlib based on TMI-2. I've worked on a few other mud projects, but decided I didn't want to run my own mud since I don't have enough time for that and it'd be better to help out with someone else's mud.

The mud is still pretty infantile in terms of maturity of the codebase and player base. We have seven guilds that are in-game (two of which are "starter" guilds) in two realms with twenty-nine different areas and several cities. We've got a few alpha-testers who come irregularly.

There's a lot of polish work to be done--but we're not at that stage yet, though we are progressing. One difficulty is that our alpha-testers are pretty irregular in their testing. So the mud is pretty quiet most of the time (I think we average 2 players online). The other difficulty is that we could use a few more coders to help even out the rough edges on that side of the equation.

Anyhow, if you have any interest in seeing what we've got going on, helping out, or otherwise chiming in, check out the DarkRifts website and/or add a comment below. If you log in, my name is "Flake". I idle there during the day and do some work on nights and weekends (I'm in Boston, MA which is Eastern Standard Time). Please drop in and say hi!