Total foobar

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I decided to release my old set of flavour templates on the flavour registry and in so doing totally foobarred all the times on all the files of my blog. I recovered most of them (because I have a mirror that's usually off by a few days), but then I had to guess on the times for the latest four entries.

So that sucked. Given what I just went through, I'm beginning to think it's a terrible idea to use the timestamp on the file as the mtime. Blech.


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I didn't expect either of these entries to drum up the response they did. I've gotten emails and comments from both entries that were way cool.

As a result, I've finally gotten around to building the flavour registry, I decided I'm going to see what's up and whether I'll work through a 1.1 release for PyBlosxom. We're working through what to do in regards to the filestat callback and possibly moving caching. I started investigating what would be involved in building a regression testing framework (which would double as a performance testing framework as well).

It's been a good couple of days. I really appreciate the advice and encouragement I've gotten. Thanks!

What to do with pyblosxom

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David Ascher started using PyBlosxom and there are a couple of other users who look like they're just starting to use it as well. I think that's fantastic--especially given that the project is on life support right now.

Life support? What makes me say that? Well, I've been threatening to do a 1.0.1 release for months but never did it. Development has all but stopped because there aren't any active developers. Back when I released 1.0, I told people I wasn't going to touch it for 6 months because I was really burned out on this project and I had too many other things going on. So then nothing happened except a mild trickle on the mailing lists.

I'm not sure what to do. I can't really take on another project and push it through the motions. PyBlosxom has documentation, but it's mediocre and has large gaps and it's spread across two sites one of which I don't think most people get to. The debian maintainer for the PyBlosxom package needs help updating the package, but I don't know enough about packages to help and haven't had the time to work on it. There has been some interest in a flavour registry, but it seems that there's only interest from a "we want a flavour registry" perspective and very very little to no interest from a "I'd like to contribute to a flavour registry" perspective. Blah blah blah.

There are a bunch of issues and no one to solve them. I'm really hesitant to throw my energy at this project again. Part of me wonders if I should just start solving some of the smaller problems that need to get solved (lack of testing infrastructure, lack of centralized documentation, ...) and then go from ther step by step. Seems so overwhelming.

Not to mention that my life is a mess right now--I'm still moving and I've got a list of promises I haven't fulfilled dating back to two or three years ago. Then I got bitched out on one of the projects I work on for being an elitist egomaniac. I just want to help identify and fix problems to make things better/easier/faster/more useful! Is that so wrong? I'm just one man! Gah!

my own archives plugin

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I've blogged for so many months now that the Archives listing on the side was getting pretty long. I don't really want a long list of months and years there, so I was looking for options.

Ned Batchelder lists his archives by year. For each year, there's a summary page by month which lists the dates and titles of all blog entries for that month. I really liked this idea, so I wrote my own archives plugin to use it. It's not exactly the same--the output is slightly different. It's good enough for me, though.

my pyblosxom plugins

Busy busy busy

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I've been super busy over the last few weeks. Between work and moving and weddings and trying to catch up with things, I haven't had much time to ruminate on anything or work on any of my projects.

There's one exception to that... I'm a coder on DarkRifts and I've been doing some minor refactoring and overhauls of some of the pieces of their mudlib. That's coming along nicely. The other coders have been really kicking in and getting things done lately. Watching the codebase flourish has been wonderful.

I'm not entirely sure what I should do with PyBlosxom. Development has pretty much stopped--Ted, Wari, Blake and I have all moved on to other things (babies, other projects, ...). No one else has stepped up to the plate. Though we keep getting emails on the dev lists and elsewhere about how no one will use PyBlosxom unless it does feature x and feature y and how there's lots of bad code and so on so forth. I wish more people would take the responsibility to help out.

No more calendar

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I'm going to take some time to slim down my site and make bits of it easier to use. Then I'll package up the templates I use and make them available for other PyBlosxom users. I'm curious to see how long that takes and how much effort is involved.

form input text centering

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Had to look this up for a friend. The "text-align" css property allows you to align the value inside a form input text box.

  <input type=text style="text-align:center" name="blah" value="blah">

meta-refresh for html

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I keep forgetting this and forgetting where I wrote it down. Irritating.

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">