When I grow up...

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I want to be Mike when I grow up. He knows all kinds of things about all kinds of things. His mind is like the Library of Congress. I'd love to know what kind of superhuman cataloguing system he uses to remember everything with.

I think the only topic that is really outside the scope of his massive knowledge base (and it's only a matter of time before this isn't true) is RedHat Linux administration. While I don't know much more than he does, I have a deeply nuanced auto-response for most of his questions which goes something like this, "They probably have a gui tool for that. Look somewhere in that menu thing."

Testing static rendering....

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I'm going to write this entry, see if it gets picked up by the static renderer, then I'm going to edit it and see if it gets picked up again.

Ok... editing it.

Neato--works super.

Static rendering soon....

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I hacked for 3 or 4 hours on static rendering today. Almost have it complete where "complete" is defined as "statically renders your basic blog into html and other flavour forms" and is not defined as "handles dynamic content, comments, and other neat things seamlessly".

I think that'll all be in version 2.

In the process of implementing what I implemented, I moved some stuff around, cleaned up the common_start stuff, re-tested xmlrpc, removed some old files in the CVS repository, and fixed some bugs that had been lying around undiscovered.

Assuming I get some time tomorrow to work on it, I'll have static rendering finished before the end of the weekend.

testing xmlrpc

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I just made a bunch of changes to PyBlosxom and figured I'd test to make sure xmlrpc still works...

Weirdness, but then maybe not

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It's pretty weird that The Passion of the Christ is in the top 10 IMDb quotes pages list. Well, now that I think about it, maybe I'm not that surprised.

I was listening to one of Ed's cd's (I talked about Ed in a previous post--his movie "Mounting Evidence" really kicked ass at the 48 Hour Film Project) when I was at his house the other day. One of the songs has a refrain along the lines of, "No really--I said no killing! Which word didn't you understand?"

We're all just a bunch of folks trying to get by whichever way you slice it. Most folks had a hard day--most folks have a hard day every day. It's easy to be nice to nice people. Being nice to the people who aren't so nice will help to make the world more pleasant for everyone.

I've re-written this entry four or five times now in an attempt not to turn preachy. But whatever. Everyone should be reminded every now and then to chill out and be nice.

48 hours: final thoughts

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The previous posts were mostly about ushering and how much sleep I got. I'd like to dedicate this post to Ed who didn't get any gametime in any of my earlier posts. Ed's film was fantastic. It was at once eloquent and moving. It was the only movie with aliens flying around in their ships zapping people with their alien rays. It was the only movie with a brain in a jar.

Ed was a thug and then a pirate. I think he should quit his current job as a Web Developer and join the theatre. The world has enough Web Developers but it yearns for men of Ed's talent.

Debian command reference card

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This is a fantastic reference card for those of us who use Debian, but not so much that we've got all the commands ingrained in our heads until the end of time. Pretty fantastic piece of work. I wish I had one for vim.

03/14/2005 - I fixed the url to the reference card.

48 hours: fourth (and final) group (D)

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I'm really glad this is the last group. I've ushered for every single show thus far and my ass is really sore. When they sell out, I end up either standing in the back or sitting on the floor--neither of which are comfortable.

The hours are really long, too. Even though the Somerville Theatre is right around the corner from my apartment, I'm getting to bed at 1:00am after working at work for 9 hours and then at this thing for another 6.

There were some good movies in this batch. Now that I've seen all the movies from all the groups, I'd have to say the first group was the best overall, though there were movies in other groups that I liked.

The ImprovAsylum folks really like musicals. They're really good at them, too. It's tempting to go see one of their shows.

48 hours: third group (C)

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We did the third showing at the Somerville Theatre. I have to say, I liked being at the Brattle Theatre a lot more than I did at the Somerville Theatre.

I would have thought it'd be the other way around since the Brattle only has one screen and they're so artsy that you'd think they'd get into this "we're artsy and above all that non-art riff-raff" but they don't. The people were way cool and helpful and the place itself was easy to do our thing in.

The Somerville Theatre people, on the other hand, were just basically unhelpful. I get this feeling they hate working there--it's hard to say though. S remarked that it must be a job requirement that they're not allowed to smile. Ever. It's interesting to note they have a Good Humor vending machine in their lobby.

Anyhow, things went as they tend to go. It's really wild watching these people who participated watching the products of their weekends. Some are excited and really liked what they created. Others just hate it all. Some wax on about whose fault all the problems were.

It's interesting to note that almost all of the groups so far used a variation of Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro on a Mac. It's also interesting to note that Avid was one of the sponsors of the 48 hour film project.

48 hours: second group (B)

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This was the second (and last) group to be screened at the Brattle Theatre. It was a lot rowdier than last night. I'm not sure if that's because the groups were rowdier groups or that we had some ... technical issues.

One of the genres is "mockumentary". Last night we had a film that was very Christopher-Guest-ish which was really well done. After seeing that I figured that all the mockumentary films would be along those lines since there aren't too many other mockumentary films out there to derive the concept from. Tonight, however, was pretty different. I was pretty stunned to find out the guys who did it (their entire team was 4 guys--some of these teams had 25 people and org charts) decided to do it 2 or 3 days before the actual fest. That's pretty awesome.

Reminds me of this foreign exchange student that I knew back in college who decided to run the Boston Marathon at a party we threw the friday before. Then she ran it two days later and did just fine.

I digress. I got home around midnight again, grabbed some food, and then fell into a deep coma.