Tossing around getting an mp3 player

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I'm tossing around getting an mp3 player again. My car only has a tape deck and the radio reception is kind of flakey for no apparent reason I can discern [1]. Also, I take the T around town frequently and it'd be nice to have a portable device that I can listen to at work, on my work commute, at home, on the T, and in other places.

I don't really need to upload my entire music collection. Having said that, I'm a mood-centric music listener and I have a bunch of different moods and it'd be nice to have at least 10 or 20 songs for each mood. Thus I've tossed around getting a hard-drive based player.

I'd rather have a player that doesn't require a fancy gui thingy on my host computer. Having said that, I realize those gui's are nice since they frequently build an index of the songs on the drive, so it makes boot up of the player much faster. I HATE Creative Labs Music Center (or whatever it's called). I've never used iTunes. I don't need something to categorize my life--just something to load songs onto the mp3 player.

I don't really care about size, but I'd like the player to fit in my pocket. I don't care about cool-factor. I don't care about user interfaces as long as I can select songs to play, play them, and skip songs I don't feel like listening to. I don't care about playing solitare or about organizing my life. A remote control would be nice but it's not necessary.

The battery has to last at least 6 hours and it's not acceptable for it to die in a year.

I don't want to pay a fortune. It has to be available at

And that's as far as I've gotten on this train of thought. Email willkg at bluesock dot org if you have ideas [2].

[1] - I could be parked NEXT TO the WBUR tower and all I get is hiss one day, but the next day it comes in just fine--heck if I know what the problem is.

[2] - I keep tossing around adding comments to my blog. I don't think that many people read it and want to comment on it and I don't feel like dealing with comment spam. Maybe I'll add it next week for a trial period to see if it works out or not.

MCCP module 0.5 released

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Conan had sent me MCCP handling code back in August or September. It took a while to design the filter hooks that needed to go into Lyntin 4.0 to accomodate network-level data fixing (encryption, compression, ...). After I had added those filter hooks, I never quite got enough time to sit down and finish up the MCCP module...

Until now.

Find the first draft of the Lyntin MCCP module here with the rest of my Lyntin modules and rejoice that I finally got this off my todo list! w00t!

TypeKey? You Blog Me

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I don't know what TypeKey is, but this article on TypeKey? You Blow Me not only doesn't help understand what it is but also ingeniously looks like a collage of luser rhetoric that could be (and typically is) applied to almost anything to sway someone for or against something. This is a really elegant piece of writing.

Two thoughts

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  1. It's a shame I can't somehow use the amazing amount of heat being generated by my computer which is doing regression tests to drive a humidifier. I think if I had the processor fan blowing the hot air across a dish of water, I wouldn't have to have a noisy processor fan AND a noisy humidifier in my cube.
  2. The Groovy project is very well-named.

On my (n + 1)th installation attempt

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Every week or so, I have a 30 minute block of time where I decide I'm going to go tackle installing Debian on my Dell Inspiron 7000. It's good for me to keep trying this because it's incredibly humbling.

The machine has a CD-ROM drive, but it doesn't handle CD-RW discs (or at least it doesn't handle the ones I have). So every attempt I make, I create a coaster.

Going to try one more time. This time with a Knoppix cd. The biggest problem I'm having is getting the machine on the network. Once I get that done, then I'll be ok. But I can't seem to get the machine on the network with either my 3Com 10baseT pcmcia card or my SMC wireless pcmcia card.

One more time....

No more Gentoo for me

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I was running Gentoo on my Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop but today I've gone and slicked it. I'm going to switch my laptop over to use Debian. Gentoo is pretty neat, but it takes me days to compile GNOME and I'm hitting the point where the novelty is wearing off and I want to actually use my laptop.

Anyhow, I recommend it for folks with more powerful machines. I enjoyed running it and learned a lot in the process.

Someone just said...

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"stay strong, stay in school, say no to drugs, say yes to hugs, say maybe to bugs, and finish all of your work, so you can have a nice relaxing time with S tomorrow. (see you get wise wisdom from the oldest resident of homer)"

I'm busy fixing issues with my registry plugin. It's highly configurable which of course makes it mildly flakey. Bleh.

updated to remove someone's name.

Dusting off Lyntin

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After a hiatus, I made some changes to the Lyntin website after looking at the groovy web-site which I discovered after reading Ted's blog.

It's interesting how I can work on something for tens of iterations honing it here and tweaking it there. Then I'll see something that's very similar to what I'm doing and suddenly everything clicks and *voila* I realize what big changes need to be made for a dramatic improvement.

Anyhow, there's a bunch of stuff in CVS for Lyntin that should get summed up into a release. I may tackle Telnet LINEMODE handling (which really needs to get done) and also the MCCP plugin. Eugene has a really slick curses ui which I think has reached a point where it should get included in the main distribution.

Things are afoot once more!