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PyBlosxom 1.1 status

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I finished taking the GRE so now I'm going to start the long process of moving everything in /contrib to the registry, moving the flavours to the registry, and then going through the steps to release PyBlosxom 1.1.

We'll do an RC and wait a week for people to speak up about issues. That puts a PyBlosxom 1.1 release around the end of October. Things that will be in the release:

  • a bunch of important performance enhancements
  • some bug fixes
  • some other minor changes

We're also removing the contrib directory and all the flavour examples. This is probably going to be controversial, but I don't think we have enough polish to continue distributing them with PyBlosxom and it'll be easier to distribute fixes and such if they're separate from the PyBlosxom release.

Comment spam

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It's getting to be a drag when the nicest comments I get from my blog are comment spam for a casino site. "Thanks for the great work!" "That entry was really helpful!" "It's really nice to have people like you around!"

If I were a less self-confident person, I'd filter out the actual spam part (usually the web address) and leave the rest of the comment be. I'm sure these spam folk mean everything they say.

comments plugin

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I'm going to spruce up the comments plugin that comes with PyBlosxom. I'm going to merge the changes I've made locally with the contributed version:

  • Support for "blacklisted words" which, if they're in the comment, will cause the comment to be rejected
  • Fix for the comment plugin so that instead of stomping on the template it now just appends the comment template to the story template. This makes it play nice with other plugins.
  • Change the behavior so that neither the comments nor the comment form show for an entry unless "showcomments=1" shows up in the querystring.
  • Fixes to the logging.

I may incorporate the changes that Jesus did or at least figure out how to make that a plugin kind of thing.

Also, there should be a way to kick back messages to the user who just did stuff with the comment form. Then we can kick back messages when comments are rejected and accepted for better usability.

09-27-2004: Updated "John" to "Jesus"--I totally got his name wrong. Oops.

booklist 1.6

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Brett discovered some issues with booklist as it interacts with comments. So this fixes those issues.

You should note that if you're using booklist and comments, you should have at least 2 books in your list. Otherwise comments sees it as a single entry, decides to show comments for it, and then stomps on the property in the entry that dictates which template to use. That's a bug in comments that needs to get fixed.

Get it on my pyblosxom plugins listing

PyBlosxom analysis

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There are a few people doing analysis on the tools.Walk chain with the hope of slimming it down because it's one of the corner issues with PyBlosxom scaling up to thousands of entries. I don't really have time today to look at them (I'm at work right now), but I will (hopefully) soon and hopefully this spawns a discussion that results in better PyBlosxom code.

pyblosxom progress

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There's been a flurry of email on the PyBlosxom mailing lists over the last month. I'm totally buried at the moment, so I haven't had time to go through them and figure out what it all means in the grand scheme of things.

I updated the todo list with everything in my head right now (though I'm sure there's other things floating around that aren't on that page).

Robert Wall is working on doing analysis on PyBlosxom and coming up with some code to fix issues he's uncovering.

Hopefully, his work and the work of others will result in some big fixes to PyBlosxom that will (hopefully) simplify the architecture, reduce the number of performance issues, and open up more possibilities.

I also finished up work on Planet PyBlosxom which I had been threatening to do for a while now.

Lots of progress, though. I wish I had more free time to help grease the skids a bit.

Decorators and Python

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It's really neat to watch skilled project managers step up to the podium and in a few paragraphs walk through what's happened, what the options are, why he/she is choosing a specific option, and then examine the process through which they arrived at that option and suggest ways of fixing the process itself. I've always loved to work for project managers that are highly aware of the immediate problems as well as the processes and machinery we're using to solve those problems and can actively tweak both.

Anyhow, Guido has written up his thoughts on the J2 proposal and seems like they're sticking with the <at> proposal. I honestly don't even know what decorators do--so I don't really know enough to care one way or another. I really hope some day soon I get some time to Dive into Python and catch up on some of the language features I'm really missing out on. It'd help my projects out a _bunch_.

wbgarchives 1.1

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Fixed a bug where categories with four letter names were getting picked up even if the name wasn't all digits. Thanks Ludvig Omholt!

Pick up the new plugin here: my pyblosxom plugins.